Jun 29, 2010


Continuing with the thread of flowers and my parent's garden in particular I thought I'd post these photos from when I was home about a month ago. It feels like there's at least a dozen different types of pansies growing in the garden, although in reality it's probably closer to just a few. They're all so different and have the most vibrant colours and petals. They were blooming all over the places in different garden beds. A nice surprise when Spring seems awhile away.

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A blooming good time

These flowers have always intrigued me. I still don't know their name, but I find them stunning nonetheless. They're quite unusual looking but add a dash of colour to any monotone garden. These were taken way back in Summer but I've been going through some of my older photos and I love them regardless of the season.

Shadow of the past

I've posted about this tree before in the past, but it has the knack to look utterly different from month to month. Back in Summer, the flowers are fragrant with splashes of purple and in Winter and Autumn it feels a bit like a shadow of the past, looming in the sky.

Lucky numbers

Just some signs, numbers and letters that caught my eye when I've been out and about in the last few months. They're from all over the place.

Jun 27, 2010

Paris, je t'aime

These are some more of my photos from when I lived in France back in 2004. These photos are from my various jaunts to Paris, the oh-so-covetable capital city of an already beautiful and quirky country. I loved Paris immensely and it holds dear memories for me. These are only a few of the copious amounts of photos that I took while I was there - I was quite snap-happy!


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