Jul 29, 2010

The Neighbourhood

These are just some random snapshots from around my neighbourhood to show my little corner of the world.

Seasonal changes

When I was at the Mt Lofty Botanical Gardens a couple of months ago there were so many vibrant and colourful flowers and leaves all around me. Autumn is one of the prettiest seasons with plants adorned with crimsons, oranges and bright yellows. These are some of the different colours I witnessed whilst traipsing around the gardens.

Weeping sunshine

Autumn trees at the Mt Lofty Botanical Gardens.

Jul 27, 2010

Purple petals

These almost look fake and plastic in some of the photos but I can assure you they're real! How great are purple tulips? I love tulips in general, but I've never before seen them in this colour. I'm currently house-sitting for my sister and her girlfriend while they're away on a lovely trip along a beautiful stretch of Australian coast and they bought the tulips not long before they left. So I've been treated with their rather shy display of blooming and finding sunshine in Winter.

And I'm a bit preoccupied with shadows and lighting at the moment so I couldn't help but document this shadow on the wall of the delightful tulips.


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