Aug 30, 2010

Sydney town

Way back in 2006, my host family from France came out to visit and we all went on a bit of an epic road trip around Australia. We did a lot of touristy stops, so we couldn't exactly miss out the most tourist-driven city of Australia, good old Sydney.

Once we'd experienced all that Sydney had to offer, we headed up north to stunning Hamilton Island. We were there in July, so right in the middle of Winter, so it was a lovely warm change to head to the tropics and feel some sun on our cheeks once more.


Yes this is exactly what you think it is - wonderfully blue skies and the sun shining brightly on one of the last official days of Winter. As you can probably guess from the title of this post, this photo was taken yesterday afternoon. We've had a record, three days in a row of sunshine and not a sign of rain on the horizon. Although from the look of the forecast, we'll be heading straight back to coldness and rain for the beginning of Spring. It's all a bit topsy turvy at the moment, but I am definitely not complaining about the beautiful sunny skies.

Aug 26, 2010


The Murray River wends itself through the town I grew up in, and is the longest River in Australia. In my childhood memories, they're always framed by the river. It's there in the background of every great moment I had growing up and is such a calming natural wonder. These photos were taken last time I was home, back in May from memory. Some of them are a bit random, and were just snaps I got as I was walking along the riverbank.

I got some photos of the reeds that grow all along the riverbank, sometimes they're the only glimpse of green, especially in summer.

And now for the photos that actually relate to the title of this post.

Purple haze

These were taken at Mt Lofty Botanical Gardens back in Autumn, so awhile ago now considering we're only a few days away from Spring. I love the vibrancy of these flowers and the colour is just such a rich purple!


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