Sep 30, 2010

Tree hugger

Once again this tree is nameless for me, but I still think it's quite beautiful, especially with the sun drenching its dark green leaves. It feels more and more like Spring is on its way, if not here already, albeit in small quantities. We're far from beach weather but the sun is gaining an iota of warmth and making more frequent appearances in increasingly blue skies.

Leaves that are green

Sep 21, 2010

Spring has sprung

It's gradually starting to feel like Spring has finally sprung, with the sun warming up and shyly making more and more appearances in some rather striking blue skies. Today was no exception and with the sum warm on my back I decided to take some photos around the back garden and see what new little flowers were adorning our garden. They come in colours and sizes, and were basking in the lovely afternoon sunshine.

Sep 20, 2010

Grey skies and black hearts


Taken at Cleland Wildlife Park a few months ago. There were all sorts of little critters wandering around and some were more than happy to pose for a few photos.


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