Nov 17, 2010

It's gonna be a bright sunshiny day...

I went for a bit of a jaunt around the neighbourhood as I have much free time on my hands these days. It was a bit of a difference from the last time I brought my camera along way back in Autumn when sunshine and flowers were become rather scarce. Today was a day full of sunshine, warmth and the sweet smell of flowers in the air.

Orange blossom

Orange blossom is one of my absolute favourite scents. It permeates everything and is so deliciously sweet and intoxicating one cannot help but fall in love with it. There are quite a lot of orange orchards at home, so I love driving around with the windows down and relishing in the sweet, hazy smell of orange blossom. It's matched only by jasmine and palonia tree flowers, and the combination of all three is unparalleled.


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