Feb 29, 2012


All taken on 35mm film.

Song for motion

Staring at the pieces

My tea cup collection makes me smile every day. 
Maybe I should actually start drinking tea?

Feb 26, 2012

Steady as the stars in the woods

Dear Eleanor

Along with my wonderful friend Renee, I have started a creative new side project. 
Her name is Dear Eleanor, and she is a lovely zine floating around the internet.
The aim? To promote all of the goodness the city of Adelaide has to offer. To capture the beauty and inspiration those all around us are creating.
A project still in its infancy, granted; but there's a lot of planning going on over at Dear Eleanor HQ and there's quite a few projects in the pipeline that have us giddy with excitement! We cannot wait to see the next chapter in the Dear Eleanor story.

The first issue was published a week or so ago. So head on over and read up about all the radness Adelaide and SA can delight you with.

Endless summer


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