Jan 5, 2011

Christmas delights

Who doesn't love getting presents? Christmas is a stressful time of year. What with organising everyone's presents, getting time off work, travelling and then it's all over so quickly. But it's still a glorious day while it lasts. All the present-giving and receiving, the food and getting to spend time with family. I was very spoilt this year for Christmas. I got lots of wonderful gifts including a hat stand, a lomo action sampler camera, some lovely jewellery and the most amazing jewellery stand! So here's a sneak peek at all the lovely goodies I got, plus a few of the extra bits and bobs floating around my room at the moment.

Jan 4, 2011

Strawberry shortcake

I posted not that long ago about the road trip my friends and I took to Melbourne and then up along the Mornington Peninsula. Well on our last day there we decided to go on a winery tour. But, we decided not to start the day with wineries as you might expect. Oh no, we chose a quick sojourn to a nearby strawberry farm as our first stop. We got to pick our own strawberries, but the real highlight for me was the privilege of feasting on the mind-blowing that is homemade strawberry ice cream. It was a day filled with to the brim with sweetness and marvels.


Last month my sister and her girlfriend packed up their house and moved to Melbourne. Their house was a shambles for the entire packing process which provided the perfect opportunity to take some photos of their vintage furniture and retro kitchen supplies. It was extremely sad to see them leave this sleepy little city, and it will be a little sadder here without them.

They also roped me into helping them tidy up the garden. However, I use the term help lightly given I was taking photos of the tidying and gardening for most of the time.

Jan 3, 2011

Lazy summer afternoons

A winery set amidst wetlands complete with swans, native trees and flowers, sunshine and amazing food. Quite possibly a perfect summer afternoon.


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