Apr 29, 2010

Les Colliers

I took these photos last summer when I was house-sitting. I'd just bought some new jewellery, including some of these necklaces.

More Flowers

I'm sure you can see the pattern developing, the number of weather/season photos and flower/garden photos appearing on this blog is quite a lot. I do love a little splash of nature in my otherwise urban palatte. It reminds me of the beauty in the little things and I ultimately have a fascination with the weather (I think I may have missed my calling as a meteorologist). The fascination with clouds and weather patterns I blame on my Dad who taught my sister and I to basically read the weather from the clouds when we were little. It just kinda snowballed from then and now shows itself in my photography. These are some photos of tree dahlias.

Life's a Beach

This is Henley Beach, about a half an hour away from where I'm living. It's an absolutely stunning beach but unfortunately in summer, the ideal beach swimming weather, there are quite a few sharks that also enjoy the crystal waters and white sandy expanses. Not just any ordinary sharks either, great white sharks seem particularly attracted to this beach. But, living in Australia you can't really let that get in the way and most people still swim there, just stick to the shallows!

A Collection

These are just random photos from around my parent's house.


These are from Easter last year.

Dear Nanna

I love visiting my grandparents. They live in the cutest, quaintest town I've ever been to. It's full of colonial cottages and beautiful, historic buildings that have been lovingly restored. Not only that, they live about a five minute walk from the beach. Their house itself is amazing, full of amazing paintings, 50's art deco kitchen ware and it also contains many a wonderful childhood memory. Most of all though, it's too see them and hear their stories and memories. These photos are only of their garden - more on their house a little bit later!


This is a summer sunset at my parent's house. To me nothing beats an Australian summer sunset, it's just the amazing rich, warm colours. It's the sun burning down.

Apr 28, 2010


As I've already mentioned I love typography. So I'm sure it comes as no surprise that I love different signs and words from around the place. These ones are from all over the place. Some are from home and some are from various trips around Australia.


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